Founded on perseverance, tenacity and unshakable resolve, at GVK-Siya Zama we continue to use these same tools to transform our clients’ visions into buildings of significance and impact.


At GVK-Siya Zama, our value lies in our people – how we grow them, how we inspire them, how we empower them. Building a future means building our employees, and in order to ensure our collective ongoing success, our business practices are founded on respect, responsibility, integrity, and uncompromising principles:

  • To provide significant opportunities for growth.
  • To recognise individual contributions and reward hard work.
  • To encourage active employee participation to achieve results.
  • To ensure a safe, controlled working environment at all times.
  • To train, mentor and nurture our employees in order to ensure the continued growth, evolution and profitability of our company.


Construction is a meticulous, detail-oriented, challenging process; from planning and development through to conclusion, each completed phase is the result of experience, perseverance, dedication and hard work. Our success is a collaborative achievement, made possible through the tireless efforts of our staff, clients, suppliers and sub-contractors, and a resolute commitment to meeting targets on time, every time.