Construction Students



Students who join the company for their in-service experience and/or as bursars have to meet the following criteria:

  • South African Citizenship
  • Achieve 60% and above average across all subjects
  • Be registered as a full-time student in the built environment at a recognised tertiary education facility


At the end of your first year of building related studies you are normally required to find an in-service placement in the industry. Generally, this means that you would spend your second year working as a student. GVK-Siya Zama offers a platform where students can gain practical experience either in the commercial (estimating and quantity surveying) or production aspects of construction.

In-service students are absorbed in teams where they gain first hand, hands on experience under the guidance of mentors and seniors in the business. At the end of this practical year, you would have gained deep exposure to the industry and understand the fundamentals of tendering, cost management of a project and/or how to set about constructing a building.

If you show exceptional aptitude and dedication, you may be considered to join the company as a fulltime employee during student holidays and eventually, when you graduate. We are proud of our student programme and many of our senior executives joined the company first during their in-service year, followed by numerous holiday working stints and finally, as qualified graduates. That’s the GVK way.

Frequently Asked Questions

We need your first-year results and CV for the initial screening during the last quarter of your first year.
Successful, short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview.
The final selection is based on a combination of your results, how well we think you’ll match the GVK-Siya Zama culture and how driven you are to learn and succeed.

Preference is given to students currently enrolled in courses in the built environment at South Africa’s major tertiary education facilities, such as quantity surveying and construction management.

Hard work, dedication, an open mind for feedback and a willingness to be exposed to all facets of construction.

Click HERE, select the applicable position and complete all requested information in full.

You will be placed in an area of the business that matches your skills and educational needs, as well as the needs of the business at the time.

In line with industry norms, you will receive a nominal student stipend to subsidise work related expenses, such as transport costs.

You will be provided with a uniform, free of charge. Living-out expenses will be refunded by the company.

Yes, our students are mentored and guided by experienced employees who will impart ongoing training and practical guidance throughout the year.

We only recruit the best and should you, based on your performance during the practical year and subsequent academic performance, be considered as a rising star, you may be eligible for a permanent position, once you’ve completed the normal application process*.

*Conditions apply, and employment is subject to operational levels and project requirements.

You are free to apply from wherever you currently live and study but will have to pay your own relocation and accommodation costs. The student stipend can only be considered as a contribution towards your daily transport expenses and is not a fully-fledged salary.

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GVK-Siya Zama offers limited bursaries to top achievers who want to make the construction industry their future. Typically, bursaries are available to students who are currently studying towards courses in the built environment, with specific preference given to students pursuing studies in quantity surveying and construction management. If your results and your participation in campus life indicate that you are devoted and driven, you may be eligible for a GVK-Siya Zama bursary.

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning,
studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are
doing or learning to do."



In addition to the general requirements for in-service students and bursars listed on this page, these specific conditions apply:

  1. You are required to display commitment and academic dedication to your chosen course of study in the built environment by attaining an average, across all subjects, of 60% (and above) and passing each of your individual semester subjects. If you fail any subjects, you will bear the cost of rewriting the failed subjects.
  2. On completion of your studies you may be required to join the company for a work-back* period. The work-back period is determined by the number of years that you were sponsored by the company and is calculated on a one-year work-back for each year of sponsorship.
  3. The work-back period starts when you graduate.
  4. Bursary applications are open for two months during July and August every year. You will be expected to supply your Grade 12 certificate, as well as an official copy of your mid-year tertiary results.

*Conditions apply, and future employment remains subject to operational levels and project requirements.

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Please have your Grade 12 certificate and a copy of your mid-year results ready to upload when you apply.