Green Warehouse at Coega IDZ

Posted on 29 October, 2020

Our Port Elizabeth team has recently started building an 11 800m² logistics warehouse situated in Zone 1 of the Coega Special Development Zone. The facility will be utilised for the storing and distribution of snacks and food items that are manufactured both locally and internationally. The 29 350m² site was selected based on its accessibility to nearby infrastructure such as highways, roadways, and the harbour to facilitate easy access for incoming merchandise and outgoing deliveries to suppliers. Operational aspects of the facility will be undertaken by DHL Logistics.

Green Building principles have been employed throughout the design of the facility with the provision of ‘off-grid’ PV Solar Panels to accommodate the requirements of future phases of the project. Along with this, and owing to the nature of goods handled, the facility has been designed to not exceed an ambient temperature of 20 degrees celsius in summer months. This will be achieved through the specification of effective insulation in tandem with energy-efficient HVAC systems. On-site rainwater harvesting has also been employed to alleviate water demand.

The key aim of this project was to target local enterprises such as prime contractors, subcontractors and/or suppliers which will only be sourced from @Coega Development Corporation SMME Database. Safety and training during the project will also form an integral part of the local community development.

The project is expected to be completed in five months’ time and we can’t wait to see the finished structure which will be 21m to apex in height and be made up of 575 tons of structural steel, 12 200 m² of roof sheeting, 7100 m² of side cladding and 5 169 m3 of concrete.

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